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What Makes Transcripts Required?


Having your podcast transcribed into text makes it possible for people who have hearing loss to access and appreciate your content. Therefore, offering a text option makes the experience more inclusive and reaches a larger audience.

Improve SEO

Although they can crawl and index text, search engines cannot "listen" to audio content. Your podcast's search engine visibility will improve and you'll have a greater chance of drawing in new listeners if you transcribe it.

Enhanced user experience

Your listeners may rapidly scan the content and find specific information by using a podcast transcript. Additionally, it makes listening easier for non-native speakers and enhances the quality of the listening experience.

Repurpose content

You may quickly turn your podcast content into blog entries, social media postings, or even ebooks by using a transcript. Your brand's visibility can be strengthened across a variety of platforms and you can reach new audiences thanks to this diversity.
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